Forbidden Denimeries was founded by Mikael Vilchez in 2018. It challenges menswear codes by offering uninhibited garments inspired by references ranging from feminine to masculine figures, popular to classical culture, through a denim vocabulary.



Either through drawing, design or photography, the gender-bodies representation has always driven Mikael Vilchez through his visual expression and works, whether this be an expression in the response of a central issue, his work articulates his discoveries around gender: kind, its definition, its representation, its extension, its misunderstandings, its limits, its evolution and its stereotypes.



After his Bachelor degree in 2014 Mikael Vilchez decides to go to Paris to work at the womenswear design department of Balenciaga.

In June 2015 Mikael receives a Swiss Design Award for his BA collection: My masculine model is a woman, a menswear collection inspired by his grand-mother.

In June 2017, the designer receives again a Swiss Design Award for his MA first year’s collection: Summer 16-17. The collection is based on his peruvian/machos/latinos origins through jeans and t-shirts.

Mikael graduated in June 2017 with a master degree at HEAD-Genève and won the Mercedes Prize during the fashion show of the school for his collection: Forbidden Denimeries. The jury was directed by Serge Ruffieux, artistic director of Carven.

In June 2018 Mikael receives a Swiss Design Award for his MA collection, Forbidden Denimeries…