Collection 1, Engendering Collection: Fed by a series of references to feminine figures, Engendering Collection explores the archetypes of gender, giving rise to the conversation of stereotypes, but also Mikael’s deconstruction of preconceived notions and proposes not only to go beyond the boundaries of the genre, but also to ignore a certain hierarchy of cultures and gender. It is through the denim and the reformulation of its codes that the designer articulates an aesthetic which decompartmentalises what it means to be male, female while creating a visual conversation into an erudite discussion.



In partnership with FGUK Magazine, the collection was presented in the forms of a performance to be held during Paris Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2019, located at 10 rue Papillon in Paris. Each Dancers embodied a new jean to be pulled directly from the collection. As a reference totem each jean pulls inspiration from its ‘Muse’.