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 Collection 3, Greetings from Pantelleria: For the third collection of Forbidden Denimeries, Mikael Vilchez was inspired by his trip to Pantelleria with a mysterious lover. With the torrid sirocco blowing on the arid island, Mikael wore white clothes to enhance the tan of his latino skin. Mini-shorts are as practical as sexy.  Sarong helps you getting you out of bed by allowing you to dress effortlessly to pick lemons in the garden.  When chillier in the evening, one covers up with sweaters and thicker jackets. Going out to a restaurant?  A shirt, a vest with raw edges or a minimal Tencel dress with Swarovski details does the trick. Volcanic rocks, a sea deep blue and wild moors of a full strength spring nature sparkling with yellow, pink and purple flowers resemble a planet where Diva Plavalaguna could reside – an inspiration for the SS20 collection, of which the sky blue recycled denim evokes a navy blue denim having been faded by the sea.

The designer offers a "Bigger Splashy" collection in which the masculine coexists in harmony with the feminine, where simplicity rhymes with sensuality and where each moment can become erotic.

For SS20 collection, the brand went further in its commitment to respect the environment and worked mainly with the ABSOLUT ECO range, which uses 100% recycled denim fabrics, requiring 90% less chemicals and 95% less water for its production.