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Collection 2, FW19: For his first official collection as a brand, Mikael Vilchez established the basis of Forbidden Denimeries on his very intimate relationship with garments and the expectations he’s always harboured for them. On the one side, Forbidden Denimeries provides for “everyday uniform” -type of clothes such jeans, t-shirts and denim jackets – mainly structured off masculine figures such as latin bad boys, skaters or regular Swiss guys. On the other hand, Forbidden Denimeries offers clothes of exception made for special occasions and hidden desires – those are inspired by feminine figures, glamorous divas and refinement. Forbidden Denimeries also declines different fit works, alternating loose fits for macho-rebel-teenager moods with more fitted and sharp looks for mature-smart-psychorigid men.

FW19-20 is about the ability of the designer to build bridges between these various needs and influences through the rich vocabulary of denim.